In Oklahoma City, retaining walls are used to reshape your lawn, clear space for paths and create several levels for your outdoor areas. They also create an attractive appearance that introduces shape, texture, and color to your countryside. However, quality materials and professional construction skills are vital to ensure that your retaining walls can stand up against icy winters. There are some reasons why you should invest in quality walls to keep your backyard areas beautiful.

Shield against Freeze

As the winter temperature fluctuates, snow and ice moisture seep into the natural stone or concrete materials of outdoor structures. When moisture freezes again, it expands, causing cracks and material weaknesses. High-quality materials with a low porosity should be used to protect against this. Dense materials prevent water from entering and causing problems by the freezing/thawing cycle, while highly structural materials can stand against contain ice expanding forces. However, not the only components that are vulnerable to the freeze/thaw cycle are the building blocks of your wall but the connection can also be damaged, so polymeric sand is good to protect all joints.

Protection from Soil Erosion

Soil compaction is also an effect of melting snow. As the snow melts, water drains into the soil, making it harder and more compact than ever. The process of settling the retaining wall may change the foundations to cause the wall to crack and even collapse unless experts are careful to secure a firm base. At ADC Hardscapes, we improve density and load carrying capacity of the soil by compacting the excavated subgrade soil to limit the impact of soil compaction related to the weather before the addition of the base course material.

Support for the Weight of Snow

In support of the soil weight, the retaining wall is designed uniquely. During winter, however, snow and soil moisture increase the weight of the load significantly. Professional landscapers with knowledge of adequate engineering techniques should be called to prevent a retaining wall collapse. The expert team at ADC Hardscapes is well equipped to deal with these challenges, to ensure the quality of the design and engineering of your outside features including your retaining walls in Oklahoma City.

Protection against Wind

During winter, retaining walls of alcoves can be used to nestle exposed greenery that is vulnerable to wind exposure. The retaining walls work as excellent windbreakers for flower beds and even patios.

Coverage against Water and Erosion

Retaining wall acts as an excellent tool against soil erosion, but proper drainage is required for better performance. Decent wall retention and proper drainage procedures make sure that your retaining walls are designed to protect from damage from water and erosion rather than exacerbate the problems of pooling in smaller areas. It is crucial especially when the snow defrosts, and the mass of water is suddenly released.

ADC Hardscapes is always at your service for anything related to retaining walls in Oklahoma City. Consult our professionals and get the most benefits from a durable and aesthetically appealing retaining wall.