Retaining walls are known for having multiple benefits including aesthetic purposes. Besides making the property beautiful, it adds value to it. Especially, when it is made of high-quality material you can be assured about the value. Keeping in mind, the retaining wall contractors always choose quality material and combine it with the best architectural sense to build a wall to make it long-lasting and durable. When you have a wide array of choices in retaining walls, before you choose one of those, let’s look at the benefits.

Value to the Home

Home improvements add value to the property, and a retaining wall is no exception. While considering the value, it is easy to install and affordable. If you are installing a retaining wall into your property, it will be easier to adjust or change the wall if that is necessary. This can also make your garden versatile. You can use it as a separator between your vegetable and flower gardens, Ask our contractors for retaining walls in Edmond, OK.

A Good Range

Even if we keep materials and rock types aside, there is a good range of construction methods to build retaining walls. You can choose gabion wall (a mesh, stone-filled to shape), a dry stack wall (made from stones without mortar) or a traditional stone and mortar wall.

Low maintenance

The walls are low-maintenance. Once the walls are constructed there is nothing more to do. The only exception is a dry stack wall and if you are planning to move the stones. These walls are made of natural materials, so it is safe to say that their materials are sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is very rare that a well-built wall needs repair, but if so, contact our retaining wall contractors.


Retaining walls are highly functional and can tolerate a great deal of weight. These walls can provide structural slope retention up 70 degrees.


Retaining walls are eco-friendly as the materials used are completely natural. Traditional walls need 50% more concrete than retaining walls. The natural products make it long-lasting, affordable yet with a lower carbon footprint.

If you want such a beautiful and beneficial wall in your lawn, call ADC Hardscapes. For retaining walls in Edmond, OK, we are always at your service.