Retaining walls are useful from all aspects; it helps to provide protection to your property and also puts an aesthetic definition to the land. A proper balance of safety and beauty is maintained by the structure. A garden needs a retaining wall to aid with the sloping and protection from soil erosion.

While building a retaining wall in your yard, you may become confused between a timber retaining wall and a concrete retaining wall. It is not that you have to get different and specialized contractors to do concrete or timber retaining walls. The difference lies in the material and the process, but most professional contractors can install both types.

Do you know which type would be the best for your purposes? Here is a comparative study of the two.

Concrete Retaining Wall

Concrete is the popular option for building retaining walls and the durability of the material is unquestionable. It does not rot or warp. Concrete retaining wall contractors prefer using it in three ways. You can build a wall with it using concrete sleepers, blocks or pouring it into a mold. Contractors often paint the entire wall to your preference using colors and textures. But, it is quite expensive. Depending on your budget, concrete comes highly recommended. If you want something long-lasting, nothing can beat the performance of a concrete retaining wall.

Timber Retaining Walls

A timber retaining wall is easily installed. DIY videos mainly include timber retaining walls because of the ease of installation. Though it is always suggested to get a professional installation, timber retaining walls are easier installed than alternatives i.e. concrete retaining walls. Furthermore, it is an affordable option because of the availability of different woods. Warmth and flexibility are additional benefits of this material. But a timber wall can take longer preparation and can rot. Moisture present in soil can hamper the durability of the material.

For more information on these two, you can call ADC Hardscapes and get the most experienced concrete retaining wall contractors. We can provide you with the right guidance and installation services as well.