An elegant yet simple garden bench can turn your Oklahoma yard into a beautiful outdoor living space, and at a minimal cost. The trend of outdoor living in OKC has encountered an immense boom recently. Residential property owners in OKC have become very keen on exploring ways to optimally use their yard space and at the same time increase their property value. After all, people in the U.S. are increasingly using their outdoor space for parties and entertainment with family and friends. Why not dress up your space a bit?

If the garden benches you have found online and in stores seem to be excessively pricey, do not worry; you can always build your own with recycled materials. Search your storage spaces for hardware from other projects or leftover wood—anything that can be reused. Once you start building your own outdoor accessories, you will realize how fun it is and gather confidence when you see the perfect result. A garden bench is one of the easiest projects to execute, and it’s adaptable as well. There are many simple bench designs that are sure to fit your garden.

Compared to a standard sidewalk bench, the ones in a garden are heavier, for they are mostly on even terrain. The purpose of a garden bench is to blend in with the surroundings. Therefore, the most commonly used material is wood. You can also build multi-purpose benches, like one with a storage space. The trend of outdoor living in OKC is gradually becoming more about multi-functionality.

Here are a few beginner ideas for garden bench designs:


Rather than having just an attractive accessory, why not add a scope of utility to your garden bench? The best option is to build a storage bench for gardening tools that you can easily access just by lifting the mobile panels of the bench.


Imagine a bench in your mind. You see two major platforms, don’t you? One is the seat, and the other is the backrest. However, you have probably seen those rustic-styled benches without a backrest, as well. The backless bench designs are extremely easy to put together. Benches with intricate backrest designs are more fitting in formal gardens than in the contemporary ones.


These are more of a modified version of the storage benches. However, the design is a bit more complex than the others. An addition of a central console segregates the seat into two halves.


Include additional compartments on the bench for holding a few flower pots. This design blends into the garden very well—it won’t seem at all out of place. You can put one compartment in the middle and two on each side of the bench.

Want to make your bench more interesting? Here’s how!

• Simple hinges can transform your garden bench into a closed chest. You may not be able to turn the seat into a functioning storage top, but you can add a bit of zing by using ornamental hinges.

• Add an interesting look to the bench by installing a designer backrest. Wrought iron works well for this. However, you will need to use something to protect it from corrosion, such as inserts that are galvanized and coated with powder.

The best part about this project of constructing your own garden bench is that you can use almost any kind of hardware leftovers from other projects to add in decorative details and other modifications. The more thought you put into your garden bench, the better it will turn out. For example, apart from variables like the surface on which the bench will be placed or the style of the bench, you must also consider the view that the bench will be facing. The right bench in the right place can transform your outdoor living space.