Adding a concrete retaining wall has multiple benefits. Once you install a retaining wall around your house, it will add definition to your place as well as sturdy protection. There are several types of retaining walls which are mostly categorized according to the material used and the best choice being concrete. You can add customized designs to it and it also has an impeccable performance to control soil erosion and durability.

The retaining wall blocks available in Oklahoma City are the same which professional contractors use to build the structure. If you are trying to build one DIY, you will need a lot of knowledge about construction. The measurements, block size and placement, the height of the wall and the design of the wall needs the supervision of a professional.

We are ADC hardscapes and we offer the full settling of the retaining wall blocks in Oklahoma City according to your requirements. We have professional engineers to handle the project so that you won’t ever fall into trouble. Though the professionals will handle the entire process, we still maintain transparency with our clients. Therefore, we have a brief overview of the process here below. Go through it and feel free to connect with us for any questions you may have.

  1. Making a wide, deep trench and leveling it is very important for installing a concrete retaining wall. Our engineers make it sure that the trench is spacious enough to hold the blocks. The gap we prefer to keep is six to eight inches.

  2. The next step is compacting the soil in the bottom of the trench. Often this step is neglected if you try to do it on your own. And it can result in the base loosening.

  3. For making the base, crushed stones are used by our professionals. Though it is little more expensive than the natural gravel, it is not smart to compromise the stability of the wall to save a couple of dollars.

  4. The next step is setting up the blocks. Creating the sturdy base of the retaining wall blocks in Oklahoma City is extremely important for the rest of the wall. Leveling the course and making it even is a difficult job, but our experts have the right skills to do it right.