When building a pavilion, most people prefer adding a pergola. A pergola adds sophistication, beauty and versatility, hence a pavilion is often considered incomplete without one. The reason for building a pavilion is to have a small, compact room that gives protection from sun and rain. Adding a pergola to it makes the overall structure more useful and versatile. With its open rafters, a pergola can be left exposed to the sun or covered with vines or fabrics. It is essential to find a good pergola builder in Oklahoma City if you want to add a pergola to your pavilion. Here are some benefits of coupling a pergola with a pavilion:

1. Enjoy More Seating Space

If you want an outside kitchen or fireplace, you might be worried about having enough seating space. You can easily solve this problem by adding a pergola, which is the best way of increasing seating spaceā€”and it is cost-effective too.

2. Add Versatility to Your Shelter

With a simple covering, a pergola can offer excellent shelter from rain and sun. As a result, outdoor seating becomes more enjoyable. On the other hand, removing the cover will give you the option to accommodate more people. Small parties and public gatherings can both be easily done. If you need privacy, screens or curtains can also be added to the pergola.

3. Have Amazing Outdoor Experiences

A perfect combination of pavilion and pergola gives a better opportunity for enjoying outdoor activities. You can create a comfortable outdoor living space where you can arrange a small cooking or grilling area and enjoy time outside with family and friends.

Innovative Outdoor Pavilion Design Concepts

Now that you know the benefits of coupling a pergola with a pavilion, you also need to know more about compact plans or designs that perfectly incorporate pergolas and pavilions. Here are some of the most innovative and meticulous design ideas in Oklahoma City:

1. Pergola Walkway and Simple Pavilion

If you lack enough space for a full-sized pergola, you can add a narrow one to cover the walkway of your pavilion. This design adds elegance to the entry path, and you can include vines and other small plants to make the walkway even more decorative.

2. Simple Pergola and Round Pavilion

A round pavilion is similar to a gazebo, and paired with a simple pergola, it offers another excellent space-saving option. This design looks creative and very sophisticated.

3. Simple Pergola with Raised Pavilion

This is one of the more modern design concepts. The whole setup looks like an outdoor theater, and it is highly effective for public gatherings. The pergola rafters can be left open or covered, according to your preference and convenience for the crowd at the pavilion.