If we look back several decades ago, the concept of a modular home was not very prominent. But the scenario is quite different now, when we flaunt the aesthetics and utilities of our home and kitchen. With the high demand, the industry is growing rapidly, and each day innovative ideas are hitting the market to be implemented in the best possible way.

One such concept that is trending now is the idea of the outdoor kitchen. If you are picturizing advanced appliances set up amid nature, you are not at all dreaming. An outdoor kitchen designer in OKC will create your dream. Sounds interesting, right?

Tips to Consider Before the Installation

Once you decide to get an outdoor kitchen in your yard, you must do good research on it. There are some substantial factors you should know about before investing in an outdoor kitchen designer in OKC.


It is important to know where you want to locate your outdoor kitchen. The design, materials and size are all affected by the location. It also determines the challenges your outdoor kitchen designer in OKC may encounter while designing your kitchen. Consider the climate where you live. Rapid fluctuation in the weather can be a dominant factor in deciding the materials you use. The use and importance of shade will also depend on the weather. For coastal areas, consider powder coat finish to protect the furniture from salt and sand.


You need to design a proper layout before implementing the idea. With the help of a professional outdoor kitchen designer in OKC, you can turn your dreams into reality. The backyard, deck, patio or rooftop can all affect and be complemented by your outdoor kitchen concept. Examine the space you have available and design your kitchen layout based on that. The materials can also differ according to the location of the kitchen. There are tons of options from which to choose for the best design for you.


An outdoor kitchen can be expensive to implement. As the cost depends on the countertops, appliances, lights, seating arrangements, cabinets, technology, materials, utilities and other such factors, you can cut costs based on your priorities to make it affordable. Consult a professional outdoor kitchen designer in OKC for recommendations.

Utilities and Appliances

One of the most important household chores will be conducted in your outdoor kitchen: cooking. Therefore, while paying attention to the aesthetics, you should not forget about the appliances and utilities. All the kitchen utilities and appliances, including the refrigerator, electric lines, water, gas, oven, grill, burners, smokers and utensils, should all be considered, especially if you do not already have utilities set up where your kitchen will be. The cost of the kitchen depends on these appliances and utilities too.

Lighting and Seating Arrangement

Lights play a crucial role in helping the outdoor kitchen serve its purpose. Standing lamps for the open-air space and hanging lights for shaded areas can be the perfect match for this lovely concept. The color of the lights should be soothing for dining under. In addition, the seating arrangement should not be fixed. You can arrange a low table for the drinks and food and place suitable couches wherever the guests feel comfortable.

Bar Area

You can include the concept of a bar to make your kitchen complete and even more appealing. A little addition of a sink, glassware station, ice maker, wine cooler and garnish area around the bartending area will be the cherry on top.

Thinking of getting an outdoor kitchen? ADC Hardscapes can help you out. We have professional outdoor kitchen designers in OKC who can provide you with ideas, design, cost estimate and successful installation to earn you compliments from your guests. Let’s get started!