Wondering if a natural pool is the best option for you?

Naturals pools offer benefits that cannot be obtained with chemical pools:

  • Ability to get closer to nature in your own backyard
  • Eliminate harsh chemicals in your pool
  • Create a regeneration zone using plants
  • Clear, clean water
  • Minimize energy consumption to protect the enviroment
  • Provide natural enzymes and microbes that offer health benefits and sanitation maintenance
  • Blend with natural surroundings
  • Administer a healthy Ph range


How natural pools work:

Plants take place of chemicals. Water vegetation consumes all of the nutrients in what is known as the "regeneration zone", preventing algae and other elements from growing in the swimming zone. Natural pools are designed to pump water into the regeneration zone, allowing gravity to do the rest of the work. This provides clear, clean water consuming about the same amount of electricity as a 100 watt light bulb. View our portfolio of natural pools below.


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