Pergolas are sometimes confused with arbors that are wooden benches or seats with a roof, usually enclosed by lattice panels forming a framework for climbing plants. A pergola is a pretty large area and offers more open space, providing an excellent hardscaping option for your backyard. Pergolas are a sort of adornment to a home patio because they effectively give you more living space outdoors. A pergola installation is one of the less expensive landscaping options, and we will help you determine the return on investment for this type of home improvement project.

The very moment you step into your new house, the never-ending journey to turn it into a dream home begins. A pergola or gazebo in your backyard adds on value to your property and is indeed a splendid way to add both glamour and beauty to your house. By showing a little love and care, you can ensure that your pergola will stay mesmerizing for many more years to come. This article presents great ideas suggested by experts and pergola builders in Oklahoma City whose job it is to help make your pergola investment last longer.


Try to choose pergolas made of durable and properly treated wood, like cedar or pine, that contains natural oils to fight against infestation and natural decay. This also helps in retaining the luster and strength of the wood in your pergola.

The color of a pergola can be modified and preserved for a long time by applying a nice coating of a waterproof sealer or transparent varnish that improves resistance to extreme weather. Aging wood often develops a rust deposit-like feature that can be prevented with the application of a sealant at regular intervals. This not only restores the fresh appeal of your pergola, but coating with a sealant avoids damage like warps or cracks too. Interestingly, the sealants market is flooded with a variety of options, so it would be wise to get advice on brands that focus on specific needs and conditions.


Pergola painting calls for great care and a lot of attention. While choosing a paint type for your gazebo, picking up acrylic paint is always a good idea. Acrylic colors and enamels not only look wonderful but are also strongly weather resistant and durable. However, you must keep in mind that the perfect time to coat a wood structure with oil-based paint is the driest season when the humidity is comparatively lower. This ultimately will ensure that while the paint dries quickly, water particles do not remain trapped inside the dried paint and make the wood brittle or prone to breakage over time.


Change is the law of nature. Every single entity changes with the passage of time. In order to make your pergola investment last longer, all you need to do is adopt some remedies that help your cherished patio stay timeless. This may sound impossible, but with pergola builders in Oklahoma City, rejuvenating your pergola is easily possible. A gradual and properly conducted course of action can bring back the charm and glory of your backyard. Professionals who serve the purpose of maintaining and repairing backyard structures are indeed a great solution to all your worries. Moreover, these service providers are pretty economical.


Fine living comes in all sizes, and what drives you closer to it are the efforts you undertake to restore it. Having a well-decorated patio or backyard gazebo may be the first thing you long for, but what holds more importance is keeping your pergola neat and tidy. Cleanliness is the first step toward looking good, and the same applies to a pergola as well. Although pergola builders in Oklahoma City recommend that well-trained service providers tackle all issues related to landscaping and corresponding maintenance, it is very important on your part as well to look for some quick-fix solutions for these issues.

As is well known, wooden pergolas are very popular among homeowners. The number of older pergolas throughout the country implies cautious handling of them. Tools used to sand or even out scratched surfaces of the wood should be used carefully and as gently as possible. A careful check for mildew or stains is a must for making your pergola investment last longer. In addition, washing it thoroughly with a hose and subsequently drying the pergola is imperative. This will facilitate the process of varnishing with acrylic paint later.