Did you wait until winter to lay the blocks and bricks for a retaining wall in your yard? Well, it is a difficult time to be setting up blocks and bricks, but not to worry, when we ADC Hardscapes are there to help, you will be able to set a wall up successfully.

Why Winter Is a Difficult Time for Retaining Walls

Freezing weather paces down the hydration of the cement in the mortar mix. The water level becomes low and the air content is increased. This makes the material weaker than it normally is during the other times of year. Instead, ADC mixes mortar with heated material to increase the performance of the it. This increases the strength and plasticity of the mix. The experts, who set retaining wall blocks in the freezing weather of Oklahoma City, prefer to heat up all the materials.

Frozen Mortar – A Big NO-NO

Freezing mortar mix is unable to work when setting up retaining walls. The mortar mix cannot be allowed to freeze. Frozen mortar lacks performance in water-resistance unlike normal mortar mix. If the water content is over 6% – 8% in the mortar mix, it will experience disruptive expansive forces. When it is converted to ice, the bond of the brick and block can be destroyed.

Beneficial Areas of Concrete Curing Blankets

It is recommended to cover brick and blocks with insulated blankets when the temperature is below 40 degrees F. When the temperature drops below 25 degrees F, heated enclosures are needed. However, the professional contractors that install retaining wall blocks in Oklahoma City use concrete-curing blankets that make it so the mortar bond stays strong and durable, irrespective of the temperature change. Concrete-curing blankets do away with the need of insulating blankets. They are quite sufficient in these situations.

You may become a little confused when choosing the best retaining wall blocks in Oklahoma City. A professional can suggest to you the best course of action after they have listened to your needs and preferences. Come to ADC Hardscapes and get the most suitable contractor for installing your retaining wall in the frigid weather. Our expert team is proficient at using the right material in the right way.