Landscaping is an art, but the true spirit of a home is the bliss that it nurtures. Home is a place where we all feel happy, comfy and contented. We let go of all our worries and stress to cuddle up with life. Landscaping provides a lot of ideas for how to let the spirit of your home come alive. It is thus a great way to give a nice makeover to your home so that it not just looks great but helps you feel good too.

Landscaping refers to the process of adding beauty to the exterior of your house through a number of ways. There are several options to choose from among the attractive structures and hardscaping patterns that turn your patio into a real paradise. However, it is also very important to have an idea regarding the various shapes and structures developed by pergola builders in Oklahoma City and the corresponding differences among them so that you can choose the best option for your home.

“Pergola” refers to an arched structure in a garden or park consisting of a frame and arrangements of climbing and flowering plants. This particular landscaping pattern is a bit different from that of an arbor, which is a shady garden alcove with sides and a roof made up of beautiful flowering plants. Both of the structures no doubt add on the beauty of your patio, but it is really important for you to know what makes these two different from each other. Having an idea about the patterns will help you pick the right one according to your need and preference. The points listed below differentiate between a pergola and an arbor and help you understand the functions of the two as well.


A pergola, as defined by pergola builders in Oklahoma City, is basically a roofed structure that is mostly supported with beams or pillars. It may be or may not be open, depending upon your taste of fashion, and can even exhibit massive columns. In contrast, an arbor is a comparatively smaller structure made with simple patterns and designs that usually lack pomp and showy masonry columns and heavy beams. Both of the structures look appealing in their own ways but have a different fan following. The people who prefer to have great architectural exhibition for their garden or patio go for pergolas, while those who love simple decorative patterns typically choose an arbor.


A pergola is a great landscaping structure that is generally big enough to utilize the larger portion of your yard, but on the contrary, an arbor is relatively smaller in size and is best suited for providing awesome landscaping for smaller patios. Pergola builders in Oklahoma City opine that large homes that have expansive backyards can utilize extensive decor with a large pergola, while smaller homes with little gardens can go for an arbor to get the same effect.


The complexities involved in the process of designing the landscaping structures, along with the variations in grades and elevations, determine the type of adornment you can choose from for your patio. A pergola is a luxurious and comparatively bigger structure, but an arbor is quite simple in its design, which mostly bears an arched structure on the top. This makes an arbor easy to set up and maintain and allows you to modify it whenever you feel like doing so.

Building Material

With various technological innovations gaining momentum across the globe, almost everything is evolving a great deal for the good. Likewise, landscaping ideas from pergola builders in Oklahoma City are also going through speedy evolution, and different materials are now used to erect great structures in your outside area. Although pergolas and arbor resemble each other, the foremost difference between the two lies in the choice of materials used to build them.

Pergolas, as you know, are much heavier and more complex; thus they use traditional materials like wood, bricks and stones. In contrast, an arbor is shorter and much simpler. A wide variety of materials that are lightweight, versatile and economical, like polyvinyl, are used to make arbors for simple landscaping designs.


Attachment to the House

Finally, one can easily differentiate a pergola from an arbor by just glancing its distance from the house. A pergola is a robust structure that has a system of massive, grid-like columns. On the other hand, an arbor is generally a freestanding structure built away from the walls of the house. It may be attached to the fence in the garden, but typically arbors are erected away from the porch, unlike pergolas. In other words, an arbor is a freestanding decorative structure, while a pergola is a heavier structure supported on beams in the garden pathway. Pergola builders in Oklahoma City provide great options to choose from that turn your home into the place of your dreams.