One of the main factors while building retaining walls is to keep the area (mostly) dry. Water can degrade the structural integrity of retaining walls, which means that it is of the utmost importance during the entire construction process to keep the reinforced area relatively dry. However, sometimes this feels like an impossible task, as everyone who has ever tried to manage water on the work site knows.

Drainage System

Drainage is incredibly important since most retaining walls are permanent. If drainage is not considered, hydrostatic pressure increases behind the strengthened area and causes the wall to crack or spill. Many ways of guaranteeing proper drainage are provided:


Proper Backfill

Proper Water Management

The best way to start water planning is to consult your contractors to understand the site thoroughly and to determine water source and how to manage it properly.

The retaining walls contractors in Edmond, OK, are responsible for understanding the purpose of the approved site plans and the requirements to protect the area affected by the construction of the wall. By collaborating with you, contractors will evaluate the entire site to determine if the water drains into the wall area and what is the most effective solution. As a temporary form of water management, berms or swales can be used to lead water away from the construction site.

Temporary grading may also be necessary because retaining walls are often constructed in Edmond, OK before the site is graded. In this way, water will not drain into the building area.


Groundwater Management

Other Sources of Water Management

Groundwater is not the only issue to be considered when planning a retaining wall. The general contractor and the construction engineer must work together to identify all possible sources of concentrated water before construction.

These can cover storm sewer pipes below grade, water lines, fire hydrants, water supply, roofing downs, irrigation systems, pump outlets, etc. These sources may include other problems causing unexplored sources of water like car parks, site grading, storm water catch basins, driveways and slopes over the walls.

Rainwater can affect your construction in many ways. During the construction process, saturated and unusable materials and soils left out during rain may enter. If the weather forecast calls for rain, it is good practice to cover all infill soils and the whole wall project.

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