What Makes Concrete Retaining Wall Win over the Timber Retaining Wall

concrete retaining wall contractors

A retaining wall always gives architectural definition and valuable features to a garden no matter what type it is. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, this wall provides support to the soil. Keeping in mind its utility, one should determine the material of the wall and summon timber or concrete retaining wall contractors. There are two popular choices for making a retaining wall, timber or concrete. Both have pros and cons, depending on your requirement you should choose the material.

Depending on the material timber or concrete retaining wall costs differ, though you should install the wall checking it from different perspectives.

concrete retaining wall contractors

Let’s Discuss Concrete Retaining Wall

Concrete is a popular option when it comes to retaining wall. This rigid and durable and can withstand harsh weather elements. This is really long-lasting and does not rot or warp like a timber. This material is great for withstanding a great weight when is installed properly. There are three different methods to build this wall. You can use concrete sleepers; pour concrete using a mold, or place several blocks for building a concrete wall. You may think it unattractive, but you can ask concrete retaining wall contractors to give it the desired finished right after finishing. You can ask contractors to paint it, give a wood-grain texture or anything whatever you like.

concrete retaining wall contractors

Now It Is Timber Retaining Wall

This is easy to set up and there are several DIY videos available on the internet. Unlike concrete retaining wall, this is affordable, easily available and because of wood it can have a wide range of looks that is somehow difficult with concrete retaining wall. Though this is strong but does not have longevity like timber. Timber rots after a few years and needs a good maintenance. If you have timber retaining wall installed in your garden, you have to protect it from moisture and pesky bugs.

Depending on the pros and cons, you should install the wall. Whether it is timber or concrete, do not forget to call a professional. Call ADC hardscapes, one of the concrete retaining wall contractors in Oklahoma City only if you are convinced with the qualities of it. ADC Hardscapes knows how to it the best way. Be sure to get the right installation which will last a lifetime. If you want a cost-effective yet low maintenance wall, this is your choice.