A Look at Timber Retaining Walls

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Retaining walls being a part of landscaping play a crucial role in protecting the structure as well as soil collapse. Still, there are many homeowners who are completely unaware of the retaining walls. Soil collapse is dangerous for the property and a well-maintained and rightly constructed timber-made retaining wall can mitigate soil erosion.  To maintain the property from any kind of physical danger, the retaining walls are imperative to install.

Why Timber Retaining Walls?

The retaining walls’ manufacturer in Edmond, OK, prefers it for material availability. There are other advantages involved with timber. This is eco-friendly, easy to install as well as maintain. But maintenance plays a key role for the timber made retaining walls. If not taken care of well, such walls are prone to rot because of moisture. But maintenance is equally important for concrete retaining wall, so it is cannot be counted as a drawback of timber retaining wall.

retaining walls edmond ok

Things You Should Know

You need to know a few things before installing the wall, here are the top five essentials compiled.

  • Though brick and concrete are popular materials for retaining wall, still, pine treated timber is the most popular one for this construction. It is safe for health, easy to install, durable, easily available, less expensive and it needs less maintenance.
  • If you are thinking of installing a timber retaining wall, make sure there is a proper drainage system. This drainage system prevents the excess water from accumulating at one place that is a major reason for wood rot.
  • You should be very careful about choosing the soil type. Sustainable soils for example, stiff clay, rock, and sand - these are the best suitable choice for timber wall, whereas, soft clay, peat or topsoil are strictly prohibited from using.
  • The retaining walls’ manufacturer in Edmond, OK, decides the depth of the wall underneath the soil depending on its height. For example, if the wall height is 100mm, then they keep 100mm post under the soil.
  • You should always look for high-quality timber. Therefore, local hardwood is always better than the imported ones. Especially, for this purpose, you can use H4 treated pine, as well as for greenhouse, non-critical structures etc.
retaining walls edmond ok

Are you perplexed? Do not be. Call ADC Hardscapes, retaining walls’ manufacturer in Edmond, OK, for the best premium quality wall installation. They make the wall with needed care, looking after the drainage system. From the manufacturer, you will also get some maintenance tips.