Retaining Wall Block – Is Footing Important for It?

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For the aesthetic beauty of your garden and for various other purposes, the retaining wall is one of the popular choices in the U.S. People of Oklahoma City consider it as an important landscaping feature that is capable of holding back the soil and adding a definition to your property. Following good maintenance measures, you can make your home stand out of the crowd by adding this feature to your property.

Our clients from Oklahoma City often ask us whether concrete footing under the retaining wall blocks is important or not. To clear this confusion it can be said that a concrete footing acts as the foundation of a construction. Basically, this is a concrete platform on which a block structure can be built. The platform helps the structure to be stabilized and prevent sinking or sagging.

Depending on the material of blocks you are using, the footing is decided. If you are going to use cinder block brick or stone as the retaining wall blocks in Oklahoma City, the footing is required. Because it includes mortar. In case of the segmental retaining wall, you will not need it as there is no use of mortar in it.

retaining wall blocks oklahoma city

Tips for Using Retaining Wall Blocks

Many people of Oklahoma City like to install the retaining wall blocks on their own. If they have adequate research on the choice of material, the installation and the benefits and pitfalls as well, they can go for it. But without having a clear conception of it, the DIY is not encouraged.

Here are some of the tips to follow for a successful installation:

  • For segmental retaining blocks, a compact base is needed to ensure its stability.

  • Drainage is an unavoidable thing for an appropriate retaining wall. A penetrated pipe can help in this case.

  • For the tall walls, it can be broken in some levels for improved strength.

  • For backfill soil migration, filter cloth can be added.

By adding a retaining wall on your property, you can remodel the yard. You can add a fireplace, water features, benches and many more. By adding a useful item in the property you can just change the look of your yard drastically.

retaining wall blocks oklahoma city

Come to us at ADC Hradscapes in Oklahoma City and get suggestions on the retaining wall block materials clubbed with hassle-free installation.