Installing a Retaining Wall in Winter Is No More a Hassle

retaining wall blocks oklahoma city

Did you end up to winter to lay the blocks and bricks for retaining wall at your home? Well, it is a difficult time for setting up the blocks and bricks, but no worries, when we ADC Hardscapes is there, you will be able to set a wall successfully.

Why winter is a difficult time for retaining wall?

Freezing weather paces down the hydration of the cement in the mortar mix. The water level becomes low and the air content is increased. This makes the material less strong than it is normally during the other times of the year. Here, mortar is mixed with the heated material to increase the performance of the same. This increases the strength and plasticity of the mix. The experts, who set retaining wall blocks in the freezing weather of Oklahoma City, prefer to heat up all the materials.

retaining wall blocks oklahoma city

Frozen Mortar – A Big NO

The freezing mortar mix is unable to work in setting up the retaining walls. The mortar mix cannot be allowed to freeze. Frozen mortar lacks the performance of water-resistance like the normal mortar mix. If the water content is over 6% – 8% in the mortar mix, it will experience disruptive expansive forces. When it is converted to ice, the bond of the brick and block can be destroyed.

Beneficial Areas of Concrete Curing Blankets

The professional contractors of retaining wall blocks in Oklahoma City recommend covering the brick and blocks with the insulating blankets when the temperature is below 40 degrees F. By using the heated enclosures the blanket can be used when the temperature is below 25 degrees F. The concrete-curing blankets are where mortar bond would stay strong and durable, irrespective of the temperature change. Concrete-curing blankets do away with the need of insulating blankets. It is quite sufficient in that case.

  • It keeps the dry mix bags and sand pile warm and dry.

  • It creates durable walls within the estimated time.

  • The curing temperature is perfectly maintained here irrespective of the weather outside.

  • The brick and block can be laid at any temperature.

retaining wall blocks oklahoma city

You may become a little perplexed to choose the best one as your retaining wall blocks in Oklahoma City. The professional can suggest you to know your needs and preferences well. Come to ADC Hardscapes and get the most suited one for installing the retaining wall in the frigid weather. Our expert team is quite proficient to use the right material in the right way.