Find out Why Tandem Retaining Wall Blocks Are So Popular

retaining wall blocks oklahoma city

Like all other things, the retaining walls also have undergone lots of evolution and changes have come in the blocks and the designs. Now, in Oklahoma City, this is very common for the people to choose a mountain-top place to build their home and put retaining walls. It is needless to say that the mountain-top property with aesthetically beautiful retaining walls is something that makes you proud and positive.

The contractors of Oklahoma City include many options for the retaining wall blocks for building the walls and people can choose from according to their needs and preferences. The contractors have expert teams to explain the types, purpose and show you the best-suited one for your requirements.

There are two main systems that contractors of Oklahoma City follow for retaining wall blocks. First one is to level a section of the property; it is for making the outdoor living area better and the second is for controlling the soil erosion.

retaining wall blocks oklahoma city

Let’s learn about the Belgard Tandem retaining wall system here. This is one of the most prevalent and newest forms of retaining wall that is going to make changes in the mindset of people regarding retaining wall. Many people think that retaining walls always have to be built with large and heavy blocks. But this is not applicable to the Tandem walls. Tandem walls use hollow blocks which are filled with gravels. It is for maintaining the weight and integrity that the wall requires. This uses small blocks and installed in the same way the traditional pavers do. It permits more detailed texture to the wall than the traditional blocks.

The chiseled-stone texture is the reason to use the Tandem wall. But if you notice at the gorgeous hollow core that allows easy installation of the lighting fixtures, you will fall in love with it. This product is an awesome combination from aesthetics and constructional perspective.

retaining wall blocks oklahoma city

The versatility of the wall is also notable. The front and back finished faces make it convenient not only for the retaining wall but also for the free-standing landscape to add a definition to your yard.

Because of its convenience, versatility and user-friendliness, it is one of the common choices for the contractors in Oklahoma City in as retaining wall blocks. For the best quality blocks and the right way of installation, you should call an experienced contractor. With ADC Hardscapes, you can get the best material and the efficient installation.