The idea of alfresco cooking is quite popular during the summer, and this is the place from where the idea of an outdoor kitchen comes. If you are fantasizing about a party in the backyard or grilling food there with your loved ones, this dream is possible. With an outdoor kitchen, if you throw a party in the backyard, your guests can easily see what is cooking and take part. The entire idea is to make the cook comfortable, and that is why we at ADC Hardscapes, the best outdoor kitchen designer in OKC, are sharing some tips with you.

  1. Location always comes first when you are deciding upon an outdoor kitchen. First, make sure that smoke does not waft back into the home. Second, you should know about the wind pattern before placing the grill. Consider the distance of the outdoor kitchen from the indoor one, so that you do not have to run a long distance between the two. Third, check the views from the outdoor kitchen you want your guests to have. Fourth, safety is the most important thing to look after. A kitchen is always full of hazards, and a little lack of attention may lead to serious problems.
  2. Next are the layout and materials, which are the keys to establishing a perfect cooking place. The materials should not be flammable and should withstand harsh weather elements. The flooring should not hold grease or food stains, and the layout should be spacious. A professional outdoor kitchen designer in OKC will be able to help you design the perfect outdoor kitchen for your needs.
  3. The appliances determine the kitchen size. If you are like a lot of cooking gadgets, the area of the kitchen will need to be larger. Accommodating numerous appliances in a small space will make cooking difficult and could pose safety risks.
  4. A kitchen is incomplete without storage space. The material you choose for your countertop and cabinets must be waterproof and durable enough to cope with the temperature changes. The best options for outdoor kitchens are stone and stainless steel. Not only are they durable, but they are also modern in appearance. The countertops and cabinets should also be spacious and easy to clean.
  5. Do not gather any and every appliance into the outdoor kitchen. Generally, these kitchens are small, and if you add appliances unnecessarily, it will look cluttered and uncomfortable. You should also not leave any of the appliances open to rain and sun. Choose appliances that need a little or low maintenance.
  6. You should set up an uninterrupted water supply and maintain it regularly. The fixtures should be well maintained and fixed when necessary.
  7. Weather is a big issue for outdoor kitchens, and that is why you should install a pergola above to protect the space from rain and sun. If your location is hot and humid, you should install an overhead fan, and for a colder weather, try adding a fireplace or  firepit. To keep mosquitoes and other insects away, install a net around the area or use  mosquito repellent. Maintain the lighting fixtures well, as you do not want the outdoor kitchen and surrounding area to be in the dark.

ADC Hardscapes, the best outdoor kitchen designer in OKC, designs each outdoor kitchen to be functional and inviting. It should be no less than a living room, and the design must be simple yet versatile. A simple grill, a few cooking appliances and a good seating arrangement are enough for a kitchen outside. For a great outdoor kitchen at your home, hire a professional team for an expert implementation of these tips.