A retaining wall is a sturdy structure that serves multiple purposes besides adding aesthetic value. People often become confused when choosing the right material for their retaining wall, or fail to follow the installation process correctly. Most of the time, people who try DIY methods when installing their retaining wall, fall into trouble due to inadequate knowledge.

You can hire retaining wall contractors for the installation of your wall, and clear up any confusions if you are still on the fence about what type to get. Here are the five most common questions people ask retaining wall contractors. Try to satisfy your queries by reading this blog.

  1. What material would be perfect for you?

For a retaining wall, there are two basic choices for the material: Block or concrete. There are other options like a railroad or old wood tie, but due to their poor performance of longevity, these are kept aside. In the earlier days, those were used widely, but now people are keen to invest in a more durable material. Therefore, go for block or concrete.

2. What are the new types of walls? Are they worth it?

The new types of walls include Stone Makers retaining walls. Being a homeowner, what you expect from a retaining wall, would be perfectly served by this new type of wall. It is sturdy, eye-catching and also, comes in an affordable package.

3. Why are there water issues? What can you do?

You should inform your contractors immediately if you have water issues in the retaining wall. This basically happens due to an improper drainage system. You should go to certified contractors so that you don’t have to face this hassle. Licensed retaining wall contractors will maintain NCMA specifications for the wall which you may not get if the contractor is not licensed.

4. What about building permits?

Depending on the area you live in, you will need a building permit before settling a retaining wall. Every building department can also make their own set of rules. You should be acquainted with the rules and regulations of your particular area, so that you don’t have to change your design after or beg for a pardon if you violate the rules.

5. What about a cheaper option?

Many people opt for the cheaper option, the reason being, they don’t intend on living in the home for long. If you are searching for a cheap option, you have to keep in mind that not all retaining walls are built the same, a cheaper option initially may cost more in maintenance over time. Furthermore, a cheaper retaining wall is not always the best option as it can’t be guaranteed for the particular tenure you are going to stay. It may last for three years or only three weeks!

Seek advice from the retaining wall contractors of ADC Hardscapes and install something that will be worth your investment.