When you have invested in a retaining wall, you obviously want it to last as long as possible. Not only the appearance, but the safety of your home also depends on the retaining wall and this is the reason why its durability is significant. Concrete retaining wall contractors have several ways to make your retaining wall more durable, which you may skip, if you were to build it on your own.

Cracks in a retaining wall are alarming, and you need to do everything to prevent them, as a crack signifies its vulnerability to collapse.

Here are some tricks concrete retaining wall contractors follow to reduce the possibility of cracks in their walls.

  1. It is better to use interlocking blocks. The interlocking blocks can connect with each other through a lip on both sides that lock together. The same technique can be followed through pins or dowels. Soil pressure behind the blocks help with the connection and tightens it further. The materials typically used in interlocking blocks are stone, bricks and concrete. This is the best suited option for lower walls. Even if the wall is low, it is better to contact concrete retaining wall contractors to build it.

  2. Another thing that poses immense importance in a retaining wall is the drainage system. An improper drainage system can cause extra pressure on the wall as water can store behind it. Water can deteriorate the condition of the wall and allow cracks. Proper drainage is the first thing a professional will focus on.

  3. A shallow design is something that should always be avoided. The lateral soil pressure, groundwater condition and load-bearing capacity should all be taken into account otherwise, it can create cracks in the wall.

Therefore, if you do not want your investment to go in vain, you should consult experienced concrete retaining wall contractors to build it. Visit us at ADC Hardscapes and get the wall built in less time, with proficiency and expertise.