Natural Pools

If you ever wanted to get closer to nature in your own back yard, or simply do not wish to have chemicals in your pool, you should check out the option of having an ADC Hardscapes designed and built Natural pool.  The concept is to have plants do the work of the chemicals, that is to say that the water vegitation consumes all of the nutrients in what is known as a "regeneration zone" so that algae, and other things will not grow in the swimming zone.  This gives clear, clean water.  Check out this beautiful Natural Pool that we built in South East Oklahoma City.


Less energy consumtion

ADC Hardscapes Natural Swimming Pools are designed to pump water into a regeneration zone, then let gravity do the rest of the work.  This system works for the majority of the time consuming about the same amount of electricity as a 100 watt light bulb.


Health benefits

As stated before, ADC Hardscapes Natural Pools are completely chemical free, so no more swimming in chlorine.  Plants do the sanitation, and even keep the Ph in a very healthy range.  Other benefits include natural enzymes, and microbes that are very good for you.  There are allot of health benefits to a system that works with plants, like nature intended.


Green Value

With less energy consumption, and the total lack of chemicals, natural pools are the clear option if you are concearned about maintaining our environment.