Flat Concrete Work

Flat concrete work was the beginning for us.  Even before Donnie Price started ADC Hardscapes in 2002, he worked for a small concrete company for two years, learning the trade.  Flat concrete can be done cheap, or done well, both do not exist.  In today's World of five plus point earthquakes, and with Oklahoma's red clay soil base, we like to ensure that footings are done correctly, and that we have sufficient reinforcement.  ADC Hardscapes will never be the cheapest bid that you will receive, but if you compare it apples to apples with the others, you will find that it is the best value.  ADC Hardscapes' goal is to provide the best longevity with our products, and earn customer satisfaction for decades to come, not to provide buyer's remorse merely a year after the concrete has been down.  Call us today at (405) 650-5654 Email us, or simply click the request button below to give us your information.